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    Different types of signatures:
    For example, in one case, the signature is neat, in the other – it is not accurate. This characterizes a person with a more pronounced selective attitude towards the surrounding. If this person is interested in someone, then s/he will try to show off, and if there is no interest, then the attitude will be inept as the signature. In the health plan it is worth paying attention to the state of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, the thyroid gland, the liver, gall bladder.
    Inclination of the letters in the signature:
    Direct letters characterize a person as a dissertationwriter or expert, a direct, obsessive, consistent, able to own, often stubborn. It is also an indicator of the dominant influence of the mind. Often there is a signature with the right bias, which speaks about the balance of the features of human nature, about the ability to understand, compromise. In this case, of course, other factors should be taken into account. And too inclined, almost literal letters are already treated as a pathological phenomenon.

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