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    I would like to know can we delete adsense which are not in use? Initially when I created I did not have clear knowledge how they can be placed and created.But now I do understand to some extent)))(still many things i have to learn ) .When I go to adsense manager I see many links marked as active/inactive . I see only 2 active in one blog and 6-7 in another blog ?

    How can I make them active or do something about the first blog where its showing only 2.

    Also would like to know how many ads big and small exactly can we place and show in blog ?

    Few ads which were created and are not fitting the template now with their size and display how can we change them .When we edit the ads we can only do two things with them ,change the color and make them text/image ads…

    And than there is one ad from feedburner too

    Need your guidance on all this written above.




    you cant delete adsense ads from your adsense accounts(until now).. you can hide them from the manage ads tab..

    Active ads means that ad code is being used in some site or blog..Inactive means they are not used..

    you will have to make another ad unit that matches the template..(if its of the same size just edit the existing one)


    Shane Bond

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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