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    Hello I am new guy here. I have a blog and I use custom template for it. I collect the template from another site and I like this template so much. Now my problem is, I fully optimized my site for seo. My site h1 tag is website title and that is a same h1 tag for every post. But I heard from many seo experts that if post title use h1 tag then it will more effective for search result. Then I took help from some blog and I got some article how to use h1 tag for for each post title. I followed their instructions and edit my template html code( The code was given by them). It was ok and my each post title turned in h1 tag. After some days I install seo doctor addon and saw I had multiple h1 tag in my home page. Total 8 h1 tags! I have 7 post on each page so 7 post title becomes 7 h1tag and website site title tag, which was default come from theme is not changed. So, total 8 h1 tags on each page. But If I check any post there show 2 title tag. 1 is my post title tag and another is website title. I give my site url here: http://antiviruskeyfree.blogspot[.]com . I also attached my template source please see anyone. Now I don't need my website title as my page h1 tag. Because this is not my keyword. I just need my each post title should be h1 tag. If the home page h1 tag only website title then no problem. But I need my post title as h1 tag. I hope someone will help me.

    I have also one more problem. My post h2 tag showing article publish day. I mean now my each post h2 tag is article publish date. But I want If I do it manually then I can choose myself which will be my h2 tag that will much better for me.

    Please help me, I am getting frustrated with this issue because I am not a webdesginer and I don't have knowledge with this. That's why I come here for seeking help. And I am not good in english so pardon me about my low quality writting. Thanx in advance.

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