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    hello evrey body i need help with my blogspot


    i spand a lot of time in this blog but i have problem with the number of posts in the main page i put in setting 10 posts but i find only 3 im very sad ,this problem make me crazy and i try to do another blog http://trowdn.blogspot.com/ but i find the same problem

    so please who can help me pleaseeeeeeeee i need some help and im sure i'll find a good solution in this good forum

    thanks !



    This is due to the auto pagination feature introduce by blogger.If you want to display more posts on your home page, you will have to reduce the post size on multi post pages by adding jump breaks into the post. You are using javascript based post summary scripts on your blog. But this is not enough . Insert the jump break(<!– more –>) into your posts and you will get more number of posts displayed per page. your posts are pretty lengthy. So blogger automatically adjusts the number of posts on the page, so that the page loads faster. The javascript summary script just hides the content.

    Refer : Post Summaries on Blogger using Jump Breaks

    you can continue using the javascript post summary also. It will now start to summarize the summary. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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