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    Remi Stj

    Hello everyone and happy new year


    Today I want to introduce you to my website which offers a series of free templates for blogger and wordpress .. : Bwp – templates.com


    it is true that some will say ” it’s seen and reviewed ” ( it’s true) but this is the first time puts a site online and the goal is not to make millions of visitors ( last I would say not :-)) but familliariser me with the web etc …


    For my part I love the graphics and I wanted to gather some free models that I found really great well done


    Obviously being rather novice I used wordpress and added a theme that I somewhat personalized .


    I would like to know a bit about what you think, have some advice even if the improvement concept is not what I’m looking Revolutionaire is rather now it is in terms of graphics ( what you think, simple, too simple … ) speed, ergonomics … what you would do yourselves


    Thank you .


    After I’m also open to all proposals ( search engine , backlinks, partnership … ) if interresse :-))


    Remi Stj

    the new website is <a href=”http://novatemplates.net/&#8221; title=”Novatemplates free blogger templates”>Novatemplates free blogger templates</a>

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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