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How to rank top on google?

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    How can i rank top on google for a particular keyword?



    I dont know much but I used the following and I get a hit at number 20 for that keyword:-

    1. Use the keyword in the title of the blog.

    2. The keyword must also be in the URL.

    3. Bold your keyword in the post. But don't overdo it, as google will take it spamming.

    4. Use the keyword in alt tags for your images. But then again don't overdo it.

    5. And on top of all to get an overall top rank, get a lot of back links.



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    you can increase the rank of your site by putting a lot of backlinks to your site. that will help you to get it on the top of the google. im also used the create of backlinks for my site. for example like this mba colleges in kerala 


    Depaul DiST

    To improve your google rank you need to:

    1. Do On Page optimization for your website

    2. Check for your keyword and include it in the URL and in the title of the website

    3. Create good number of Dofollow backlinks.

    Hope it will help .

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    Adam Cole

    A full seo process is required in order to get a well rank.


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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