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    The Flatbed UV Printer is one of the common and best flatbed printers that one can purchase in this modern world. Thus if you are running a small printing shop, then this is a type of printer that you need to go for. The flatbed UV Printers uses the UV Printing technology to print high-quality pictures that are colored.The ultraviolet lights are the one used for drying purposes during printing or cure the ink as it is printed in the paper. The UV Flatbed printers are the most common printers in the industry at the moment.Here at graphixdirect.com, we do have a wide range of the Flatbed UV Printers that one can consider purchasing. The UV Curing technology allows one to print on materials such as the acrylic with a very incredible speed as it renders incredible details. This is what makes the Flatbed printers become one of the outstanding printers as compared to the other printers. The following are the capabilities of the UV Printer.

    • Delivering large-format graphics.

    The UV Flatbed Printers have the capabilities of delivering large format graphics is up to 4 x 8 thick. They is also compatible with both the rigid and flexible materials such as Acrylic, ABS, Coroplast, Aluminum, Form Board.

    • It Can Perform Second Surface Printing.

    They are also known to having the capabilities of printing on the back of transparent materials. It gives the appearance of depth and an added gloss. Has got an added durability and longevity of the graphics.

    • Clear Ink Printing.

    Delivers a high gloss with an ability to add texture with a clear ink only added to certain areas of the print.

    • Delivers a double layer printing.

    You can add a layer of ink under color ink to increase the vibrancy of graphics. This is ideal for a transparent material. The UV Printing technology that is available in the UV Flatbed Printers is the best-preferred cause of the vinyl or digital heat press, silk press and the solvent digital printing process that is installed in this printers. The following are the UV Flatbed Printers that you can get on our online platform;

    • The 4 x 8 Foot UV Printer

    • The 4 x 8 Foot UV Printer with Roll Option

    • The 6.5 x 10 Foot UV Printer

    • The 10.5 Foot Hybrid UV Printer.

    Our UV Flatbed Printer they do come with a two-year warranty thus ensuring that you are protected throughout as you use the printer. Going for the UV Flatbed Printer is an added advantage because it does have an increased performance that allows you to get the best out of the services that we do deliver.

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