Lubricant and grease suppliers in Dubai

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    jeo john

    Lubricant is mainly used for reduce the friction .today all most all machines are work with the help of Lubricants .In heat generated machines are move with the help of lubricants .Its main function is cooling the machine surfaces .The lubricant are divided by two types liquid and non Liquid .The liquid lubricants are petroleum etc .The non liquid lubricants are the grease ,graphite etc. Performance of lubricants are reduce the friction and transmit power. Petrotek is the One of the largest trading company in Dubai .We started at the year 2008.We have best coverage of the world. Petrotek provide high range of engineering service and operating equipment. Lubricant content are cement ,mining ,packaging ,paper production etc. our featured products are Hydraulic oils, vacuum cleaner ,API modified grease, rotary tables .our products are special with others, because products are longer running intervals .first class service and high performance .Bio lubricant is the one of the famous lubricant .It is made by vegetable derived materials .The solid lubricant are graphite ,metal ,Alloys etc .Application for its Reduce the friction ,transmit power etc. mainly used for reduce the machine heat .we apply new method to improve performance .its helpful for improving machine durability and extending their life span.Lubricant and grease suppliers in Dubai

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