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    I have a blog named Textile Learner. I'm using blogspot domain name. But I want to convert to custom domain. If I change domain name then have I loss google and alexa rank? And also decrease my traffic? Please help me by giving accurate information. I'm so tensioned in this mater.




    If you migrate to custom domain, the old blogspot links will point to your new custom domain URLs.


    Karen Heinz

    While it can be a scary prospect, sometimes it’s necessary to move your site to a new domain. While transferring your site to a new domain isn’t something you should do on a whim, it is possible to do it without suffering permanent damage to your search rankings. Be aware that you are likely to experience a short-term drop in rankings immediately following your move.


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    Alice Ann

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    Dianne Nash

    Hm, I didn’t know that search ranking will be different if you will switch to custon. Never heppend with custom writings services. Maybe commercial will be handy.


    Eliza Molly

    First of all login to blogger and select the blog to update, in the left menu click setting then search and choose a custom domain and its price and then click buy to buy custom domain for the blog. 

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    Juanita Wong

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    James Oliver

    You can make Google Blogger use your own area with BlogSpot website hosting or use your personal domain together with your personal hosting.  We at Top Essay Writing Service is also migrate blogger to custom domain, You need to  just visit publishing settings for your Blogger Dashboard DNS Zone File Tab .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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